The best way to say it is.... Tom House Sports is a program, not a lesson!


If you're interested in a pitching program based on health, science, and biomechanical studies... you found the right place.   We can immediately identify biomechanical, functional strength, and mental/emotional issues, but correcting them takes a "program", not a "lesson".  A quality program should include training in biomechanics, functional strength development, mental/emotional management, and proper nutritional guidelines.  Without incorporating them all, you may be neglecting the weakest link in your athlete.


Training programs begin with an initial evaluation that may include a motion analysis, capacity testing, vector analysis, and a mental/emotional behavioral assessment.  It's important that our students teach us "who they are" and their player signatures, before we can properly teach them.


80% of the training program is "off the mound", with a focus on arm health and functional strength improvement. Most drills are cross-specific and designed to fix mechanical flaws and condition the athlete.