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One of the biggest issues in rotational sports is the alarming increase in injuries. Some are caused by excessive workloads on the field, but many are the result of poor conditioning programs. As a rotational athlete, you must condition cross-specific to you activity.  Rotational athletes normally do not break in "prime" movers (large muscles), but instead in the small areas such as joints and connective tissues. We are the experts in creating strength with joint integrity. 

This training is designed for all rotational athletes: Baseball, Football (QB’s), Softball, Golf, and Volleyball.


Training is designed to produce the following results:

  • Efficient Movement/ Skill (Improved bio-mechanics, flexibility, stable ROM)

  • Muscle Balance/Functional Strength (balancing Acceleration with Deceleration)

  • Increase Exit Velocity from bat or hand

  • Optimal Neuro-Muscular Speed Thresholds

Applicable to all ages!

Day/Time: Wednesdays at 7:00pm or Sundays at noon.

Cost: Daily: $40/athlete


Call or email Coach Dox to register.


Dean Doxakis

NPA - Southwest

Regional Director