Inform... Instruct... Inspire!

Why is Tom House Sports the most trusted source in rotational athlete training?

  • 50+ years of evolving health first information and instruction

  • 1000's of MLB pitchers and 70+ NFL QB's have trained with THS.

  • 100% scientifically tested and defendable training protocols.

Why are we the best choice for Long Term Adaptive Learning?

  • We master the information, re-learning every day with new studies

  • We master instruction techniques based on our scientific studies

  • We mentor our athletes in and out of training

  • We make a difference in their life, on and off the field

What is the importance of working with an THS instructor?

  • The instructor has been personally trained and tested by Tom House and staff

  • The instructor is qualified to teach all levels of the THS Pitcher's Health and Performance Matrix Platform:  Biomechanics, Functional Strength, Nutrition, and Mental/Emotional Management